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March 9, 2020
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April 15, 2020

Breastfeeding ABDL Blog In the morning when I arise from my slumber and I go to check on my abdl baby, his little tiny clit-sized 2 inch pee pee usually soaks his diaper so much. I still don’t understand how something so small and puny can make such a giant mess. His diaper is always so full and soaked with pee. So, I take the baby wipes and clean off all of the pee residue from his little itty bitty nuts and then his nipple-sized clitty cock. I then put the baby lotion in the palm of my hands and rub them together so that they get so warm then I rub and gently massage his pee pee and tiny balls. I then sprinkle baby powder on his crotch and rub it in. This is always the time that my baby gets his little clitty cock hard. He loves when abdl Mommy Scarlet rubs her soft and warm hands all over his pee pee and balls. Then I fasten the diaper and secure it. Afterwards, I put my baby in my lap and tell him – “It is time for your abdl breastfeeding, so it is time to come and suck on Mommy’s sweet milk.” His face lit up then I shoved my soft and ample tits into his salivating and hungry mouth, he always sucks, pulls, nibbles and gnaws on my puffy pink nipple and that gives Mommy so much pleasure. Sucking Mommy so intently stimulates my milk so much, that there is always so much milk left over. I won’t dare waste it, so I put it to good use. I make sure to squeeze the extras into some glasses to give to the other Mommies in the neighborhood when they stop by so they can give it to their babies as well.


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