A sexy girl is dancing while exposing her diaper and showing off her back.
It’s fun to play in a diaper pile!!
December 19, 2018
A gorgeous and sexy girl is standing on the ground and she looks great.
The Young Step Mommy Warning!
January 21, 2019
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I think we need an abdl daycare.  A safe place made just for abdl’s and their abdl Mommy’s would be a lot of fun! All the babies can play with each other while the Mommies chat and watch over their little ones.  Best of all is that even if a Mommy takes her eyes off her baby, she’ll know that with all the Mommies there that the chance of her baby being able to get up to something is very slim.  Playing fun games with the other babies will be very nice but getting a bare-handed spanking in front of everyone won’t be nice at all!  How embarrassing will it be when you’re pulled over Mommy’s lap, your diaper pushed down to your thighs while her hand comes down on your bottom? I bet the blush on your cheeks will be just as red as your hiney after your spanking! Call me for abdl phonesex so you can tell me just how embarrassed you would be.



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