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Silly Adult Babies Get Spankings
December 7, 2018
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Ready To Go To Abdl Daycare?
January 19, 2019
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Have you ever taken one of your cute abdl diapers and just slid your hands over it? Ever opened the diaper so that you could run the soft, cottony insideor the crinkly outside against your skin, flipping it over and over to comparethe sensations?  I have! I actually gotten in a little bit of trouble with my diapers the other day because I love to play with them so much.  I took all the diapers from underneath my changing table, the ones in my closest, the ones we’ve got tucked away in the guest room closet and dumped them all in one big pile on my nursery room floor so I could roll all over them! I was in nothing but my diaper, so I felt them drag across most of my skin and it was well worth the bare bottom spanking I got for making such a mess.  Why don’t you call me andtell me how much you like your diapers during some dirty diaper girl phonesex?



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