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Diaper Wearing
November 13, 2016
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November 14, 2016


After I get you out of your car seat I take and give you a bunch of kisses and then put you into your Adult baby stroller, and buckle you in nice and
tight. And give your cup back to you, then I push the stroller and everyone is looking at you and saying how cute you look in your stroller with you very
pretty outfit. I know you look absolutely amazing I know because I dressed you this morning! No we are going to go to any store you want to look in! Look at
that Disney store! Do you want to go into there and look around? Of course you do ok sweety lets go on in there. Look there is a really big mickey mouse plush toy!
Do you want your Abdl mommy to buy that for you? Good you can hold it until we check out what do you think? Good girl, looky over that baby girl it is a Minnie mouse
tou the sings when you push her belly would you like that one as well? Sure you do so mommy will hold on to this and look over there sweety there is a Elsa doll!
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