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January 25, 2012
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January 30, 2012
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Phone a Mommy’s Bad Girl

"phone a mommy's bad girl

Bad Girls Season 8 is off to a fighting start as the Bad Girls Club takes on Sin City! And I do mean fighting! I think my Kyle XY would love to see this show as he loves a good cat fight. Tim as most of us call him gets a real hard on for his Phone a Mommy’s Bad Girls!

Of course, we are loving nurturing mommies, but we are also women and when we see another chick messing with our man there is nothing that holds us back. We get down and dirty kicking, screaming, punching, pulling hair out and tearing off each others clothes! Do you fantasize about two girls fighting over you? Then cum set yourself up for a Two Girl Cat Fight with the Hottest Bad Girls on the Net, sit back and stroke as Phone a Mommy’s Bad Girls are Ready to Rumble!

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