There was an Old Woman…
December 28, 2011
That Time of Year!!!!
January 4, 2012




You are overdue for a check-up! You better call Phone a Mommy’s very own Nurse Betty for a Patient Role Play! You are full of toxins and need a cleansing and as your personal Nurse I know just what your body needs. I know all about you actually, I know all your sensitive spots, each delicate orifice and every inch of your body inside and out.

You are so very lucky to have Nurse Betty as your personal Nurse here at Phone a Mommy, all the personalized attention you receive in my examining room is just what the Doctor ordered. A grown man becomes putty in Nurse Betty’s care and Adult Babies feel right at home. So don’t let your good feeling fool you, you need me and a Patient Role Play Today!

Nurse Betty

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