Diapers after a long day
August 19, 2012
Busy Busy Busy with ABies!
August 20, 2012

Pants Wetter
When your mommy asked me to babysit you, I was a little confused. I wondered why a grown man would need a babysitter. Well then she started to tell me things… like how you need looking after, or you end up getting yourself into trouble. She even told me that sometimes you still have “accidents”. Accidents?! I said, he’s a grown man, how is he still having accidents?! She explained that you were never really potty trained, she tried when you were little, but you just refused to learn. As you grew up it never got better, and now even as an adult man you still hadn’t stopped wetting yourself. She showed me your bedroom with the big changing table; the shelf with the diapers, wipes, and diaper cream. She said that even though she’d given up on you ever actually learning to use the big boy potty, that I should still give you a little spanking when you wet yourself.
So today when I came over I knew what to expect. You did ok for the first couple of hours, so I thought maybe you were learning not to wet yourself. I took you to the park as a treat, pleased with your good behavior. I watched as you kicked your soccer ball around, having fun. A few minutes later I saw you stop and look down at the ground. You looked sad and worried. Slowly you picked the ball up and walked over to me. Samantha…. You mumbled. And then you just looked down, immediately I saw the problem. Your shorts were soaked from the crotch all the way down your legs. Even though your mommy had warned me I was still angry and disappointed. A grown man like you shouldn’t be wetting his pants anymore. Jason, I can’t believe you! I scolded. I grabbed your hand and pulled you along as we walked the short distance back home.
Once inside I pulled you up to your bedroom and sat on the bed. Roughly I started to unbutton your pants. I looked up as I was pulling them down and saw how scared you were. I softened a little as you began sniffling. Oh, sweetie it’s ok, I murmured softly petting your hair. We’ll just do a quick soft spanking and then I’ll put you in a nice fresh diaper, doesn’t that sound nice? Gently, I pulled down your underwear and pulled you over my knee. Now we’ll just do 6 soft spanks, ok sweetie. Slowly I spanked your bare bottom. Gently patting my hand against each cheek 3 times. By the end you were still sniffling, I stood you up gently, now that wasn’t so bad was it? No, you mumbled softly. I held your hand as we walked over to the changing table and helped you hop up. I handed you your teddy bear and pulled out a couple wipes. I wiped between your legs and over your sensitive privates before lifting up your legs to wipe your bottom. I squeezed some lotion into my hands and rubbed my palms together to warm it. I massaged your slightly pink bottom and then made sure to get the lotion all over your privates. I slid a fresh white diaper under your bottom; I could see how much you enjoyed the feeling of the thick cottony material. I tapped a little bit of powder in, and attached the two tabs to close up your diaper.
You really were a sweet guy after all, even if I did have to put you in diapers. I think I’ll tell your mommy that I would be happy to babysit you again. My little pants wetter.

Sitter Samantha

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