For those who are nervous about their first time….
August 27, 2012
Mommy and Son
August 27, 2012

13458329231961523079 ABDL BlogShe sits and waits for her Master’s instructions as to whether she is allowed to get up and get dressed or is she to stay this way till time is lost.Early when the master was in this dark room lit only by soft soft yellow lights.The punishment she had taken  earlier was very intense and painful. The straps that restrained her was like a bite into her skin after she was released she rubs her wrist and ankles knowing there will be marks and bruises.

She knows she will be punished again when master returns if she doesn’t get back on her knees like he left her or Master’s Mistress.She is very pretty but she is a dark Mistress has no heart once after being punished she left me outside all night with nothing to cover myself with.



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