On her Knees
August 27, 2012
Babysitting fun with Jenna
August 28, 2012

13405769553526331211 ABDL BlogShe walks thru the door dressed all in her leather outfit it fits snuggled against her skin.Molding and showing off her curves you are laying on the couch you have always had a thing for older women but with your mom you just never dreamed she was so hot until you got to watching her now all the others seem to pale in comparison to your mom.She has this gently sway as she walks thru the house picking up after you.The bulge in those pants just keeps on getting bigger thinking to yourself no no this all wrong to have feeling for your mom like this.

As you watch her doing the laundry and other things around the house you decide to offer to help out.She smiles sweetly at you and excepts your offer then her eyes go lower and she sees the bulge in your pants and she looks back at you and smiles.
Then she puts on a pot of tea and when its ready offers you some while your sitting at the table her stocking foot comes up and rests between your legs.You blush bright red mom’s foot slowly inches up to your crotch and starts rubbing you.Looking over at her she is smiling thats when you know its only the beginning with you and mom.



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