A young girl is sitting on the bed and appears to be very attractive and seductive.
Ava’s Into Sissy’s
December 13, 2015
Breast feeding step son pt 2
December 13, 2015

abdl christmas mommy milf taboo fetish

Hello all of you little ones out there! I hope that you have all been on your best behavior this year! Santa is watching and as you are well aware, if you have been naughty, you will end up with a few fat lumps of coal in your stocking! Nice boys and girls get presents and toys in their stocking and under the tree! This goes for Santa as well as your abdl mommy! If you have not been minding what she has to say, you will probably be disappointed on Christmas morning! I know that when dealing with my adult baby diaper lovers, I have to take into consideration their behavior all year, not just their excited, hyper, and unfocused behavior during the holidays. We all know how exciting it can be! Most of my sissies are so well behaved.. I think that my other sweeties should take note of that now that the big day is right around the corner!




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