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Cum Slut Phone Sex Pt 1
January 24, 2017
Standing and sporting the diaper, the man has a gorgeous and seductive appearance.
Boyfriend Caught In Adult Diapers Phone Sex Part 2
March 28, 2017

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Most of the time I am very loving and caring towards my adult baby every now and then I like to be strict and firm. I love a good tushy because when my baby is acting bad or doing things mommy does not like, I enjoy bending my baby over my knees and pulling down his pink plastic pants with taking down his diaper. I like to see the sweet little bottom and I being to lightly touch his baby bottom and then giving it a  spanking! I love when I can hear the connection between my hand and his teeny tiny butt, I began to lean forward to see how bright of a hand print I made. His baby bottom is starting to look like a strawberry, ugh it is just so darn sweet mommy want to take a nibble. All I can fantasize about is making sweet love to my baby boy, teaching him how to love a women and especially his mother. Give Me a call and let this ABDL Mommy teach you how to have ABDL Phone Sex !

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