adult baby Christmas
December 6, 2015
There is a diaper show and seven distinct diaper shows.
Mommy Barbie Babysits
December 6, 2015


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As cute as you little adult babies are, sometimes I have a hard time keeping you still during diaper changes! It makes it so hard on mommy when you wiggle around and squirm under my hands while I have you up on the changing table. It is so hard for me to stay mad about it though, because the smile on your little faces make it all worth it. The diaper lovers do not squirm as much because they are a bit more mature than my little ones who need all of mommy’s love and care. I am not really mad, I just worry about the safety of the little boogers and don’t want them to fall onto the floor while I am turned around to grab a clean diaper! Being an ABDL mommy has its challenges, but it is so much fun and I love knowing how well I take care of my sweeties.




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