April 24, 2012
Listen up my abdl boys and girls
April 29, 2012


One of the things that I require a sissy of mine to adhere to is to have well-kept nails – both finger and toes.  They should be pampered and softened and always have a coat of polish on.


Now I don’t expect them to know instinctively how to maintain proper nail care, so I always take them to the salon for a professional mani and pedi.  This way they can see first hand all the steps that need to be taken in proper nail care.  From cuticle care to nutritional facts for healthy nails and nail beds, to how to proper shape nails to the actual application of polish (I should mention that I am not one for hairy knuckles, so having their hands waxed is also on the itinerary).


It goes without saying that this would take place under my close supervision, chatting with the beautician about all the steps you have to go through to be the best sissy you can possibly be – your mannerisms, your walk, your dress, and of course other aspects of your personal hygiene and beauty regiments, picking her brain for any and all beauty secrets she would be willing to share.


sissy wearing nail polish pxlr ABDL Blog


As you can see, I am a firm believer in the benefits of a proper manicure, from a sweet sissy abie to a sexy sissy slut; everyone deserves a trip to the salon for a professional manicure.



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