There was a yellow design piece in the Mummy Era.
All About Mommies
October 2, 2015
A Man in a Diaper, he is wearing a diaper
Let mommy Liz diaper you
October 3, 2015

I have a fantasy where I come home from work and I catch you wearing one of my dresses.

You try to quickly take off the dress but it’s too late; I’ve already seen your dirty little secret. Your face drops and you stammer. You are trying to explain yourself but you fail. I tell you that if you want to dress like a little sissy fag then you have to take everything that comes with being a sissy fag.

You look frightened but intrigued. I walk over to my nightstand and open the bottom drawer. I pull out a long pink dildo. I’m going to put you through your first lesson in sissy training. I grab your chin and force your mouth open. You reach forward to grab the dildo but I stop you: no hands.

Tonight you’re going to learn how to suck dick like a good little girl.



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