A wonderful couple is laying in bed, looking hot and seductive, and they both seem to be in a sensual mood.
Diaper Lovers
October 18, 2015
In the fabric, a steamy mommy-daughter date is mentioned.
October 18, 2015

If you need a mommy, then you have come to the right place! I am a sweet, loving, and nurturing mommy to any and all adult babies and of course the general diaper lovers who need someone to take care of them! Although I am not afraid of issuing punishment where it is due and needed, I strongly prefer to be a sweet and caring mommy to my little ones. Unless they misbehave, I do not often raise a hand to them. I guess that the way that I look after them probably has a lot to do with it! For the most part, my sweeties listen to me and do not talk back or disobey the things that I tell them to do. This of course makes it so that we can have a much better time together instead of having to spend that time punishing you! Unless you are like some of my other littles who enjoy those spankings from mommy! Naughty babies!




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