One infant girl character is shown with a soft-looking diaper on her.
If You Need A Mommy
October 18, 2015
What Kind Of Adult Baby Are You?
October 19, 2015

I took my sissy bitch out shopping today! I dressed him up all nice and pretty and made sure his ass-pussy was full first, though. I put him in a lacy, pink training bra and then laid him down, lubed up his pretty hole, and stretched him nice and wide with my fingers. Then I took his favorite vibrating butt plug and pushed it gently into him. I made sure to fuck him with it just enough to make him squirm before I buried all seven inches of it into his hole. Then I powdered his cheeks and pee-pee, lifted his hips, and slid a diaper under him. I made it snug on his hips and then pulled a pretty pair of pink bloomers on over it. I helped him put on a nice pair of white stockings, a yellow sundress, and his little black flats. Then we made him pretty with lip-gloss, eyeliner, and a little mascara. We fixed his hair, and we were ready to go! We had a good time shopping, but the best part was turning on the vibrator buried in his ass whenever he had to talk to anyone. It was so fun making him squirm and watching him try to hide his hard sissy clitty behind his purse. I wish I had more pretty sissy fags to dress up like pretty little dolls!


—Barbie <3   888-430-2010

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