Standing in front of the photo shoot is a Wit Diaper man.
Naughty Baby Gets Caught
October 17, 2015
One infant girl character is shown with a soft-looking diaper on her.
If You Need A Mommy
October 18, 2015

Those big puffy diapers on an adult baby or diaper lover are absolutely adorable. I will help them layer 3 or 4 diapers on to get that amazing fluffy look but it is so worth it. When my little diaper boys or girls are running around with a pacifier, bonnet and big scrunchy diaper it just makes me smile.

My smile often turns to giggles and the adult babies giggle right along with me. Not all my diaper lovers are babies. Some simply love the feeling of a diaper being on. Some love the sensation of orgasming in a diaper. Others love the way it feels to be spanking or penetrated surrounded by the cottony interior of a diaper.

Whatever your reason for loving a diaper or two or five I am more than happy to help you indulge this fetish. I’d even join you a few times to help you feel like you’re not alone if that’s what you need when you are starting out.

Give me a call, diaper lover. I can’t wait to meet you.


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