Standing in front of the picture session, a naked Lizabeth is shown.
The "Other" Lizabeth
January 11, 2016
A fetish girl is naked and resting on the bed, looking hot and seductive.
Dress up
January 16, 2016

Well good morning all my favorite ABDL friends. Whew! Here we are in the middle of winter…and it’s too cold to go outside and play, and too warm to hit the slopes or go skating or sledding. What in the world are we to do with all the little ones who come calling?

Have no fear my loveys, Nanny Ella is on top of things as usual. What better game to play inside than Hide and Seek, especially with  my extra special rules.

See, my game is a little different…every time that one of my ABDLs finds Nanny, OR when Nanny finds a special bABy, we can play private games. Would you like me to put my  hand down your diaper and play with your little willie? Take that little diaper off, in front, and maybe give your boy parts sweet kisses. And then show you how nanny likes to be touched, and where, until you see that even Nannies get wet with their Adult Babies too…;)


Love and Hugs,

Nanny Ella



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