A lovely woman resting on the bed seems beautiful and hot.
Hide and Seek in Nanny Ella’s ABDL Nursery…
January 11, 2016
A hot woman is seated, flashing her large, scorching boobs, and it's really hot.
Open to all ABDLs
January 17, 2016

downloadI have the cutest baby. I absolutely love to put his soft cloth diapers on him with his crinkly sounding rubber pants. These rubber pants are special. They are part of a matching dress outfit that my ABy loves to wear. It’s pink and has ruffles all over and looks so adorable on his little bottom. He looks in the tall mirror in the hall and smiles that big happy smile and dances around watching himself in his pretty dress just like he was a grown woman. Mommy loves to see her baby so happy. When we go shopping my adult baby loves to look at all the pretty dresses that I show him, he always reaches for one specific one just like he knows exactly what one mommy loves. I always buy him that one and we can play dress-up again with a brand new dress, just like he was a grown woman. Call and play dress-up with mommy Tawny.



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