Standing there is a lovely female who appears hot and seductive. She has sharpe-like boobs. She displays her hot butts.
Forced Feminization
October 25, 2015
Standing and sporting a diaper, the lovely girl appears hot and seductive.
Halloween Fun Cont
October 31, 2015

Pretty princess!

With the end of the month just days away, so is Halloween! What other holiday is there that you can toe the line of acceptable fashion in public? Not considering Christmas sweaters. Those things are just awful. How about something that you can indulge your fetish in?

There are a multitude of ways to sneak a diaper into a costume. There’s being a baby, of course. Maybe be an older person, wearing Depends with a walking cane. For the sissies out there, a voluminous skirt would hide a diaper easily. My, what a sissy can do on this day! A sinister witch, a bimbo Barbie doll, a Playboy bunny, a pretty princess in lots of lace and chiffon. 

No one would be the wiser that while you’re out among everyone else, you’re indulge in your secret fetish, whatever it may be! Mommy Lauren would love to hear about your outfit.




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