In the fabric, a steamy mommy-daughter date is mentioned.
My Son Loves to Learn
October 25, 2015
Standing and wearing light blue dresses, a seductive female exudes attractiveness.
Halloween Opportunities
October 27, 2015

candy pink

Halloween is the perfect time for some humiliation phone sex. I mean just think about it, you have the perfect excuse to go out into public and wear whatever it is you want no matter how ridiculous or revealing it is! This is a time where I really get to put my sick and twisted sadistic imagination to work. I’ll have all my little submissive wearing whatever I want. Maybe I’ll force feminize them and put them in a trashy little sexy costume. And for my abdl slaves I might just make them walk around collared and in a diaper. They better not try to walk on all fours either. My little submissive should always be on their knees for me. Oh just all the possibilities I can have with a demented imagination of mine. Get ready to trick or treat in your new costume and get ready for some submissive slave phone sex.
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