finding a Mommy
November 28, 2015
Mild Christmas Vacations Kink The show was wonderful; it was quite pleasant.
A Holiday Surprise
November 29, 2015

turkey2Gobble gobble Gobble you little “turkeys.” I hope you had an absolutely fantastic day filled with love, family, friends, nummy food and, of course a diaper change (or two, or three, or more…). I bet all that turkey was super helpful for nap time.

Nanny Ella is thankful to have her bABies visit her nursery, to give the best diaper changes and take the best care of you ever!

So it’s your turn! Tell me – what are you most thankful for? Are you thankful to be able to enjoy your diapers and your bath times and being cuddled up with stuffed animals in your sweet little onesie? Or your pretty pretty party dress?

I hope you are thankful for all the wonderful Mommies, Nannies, Aunties, Big sisters, and grandmas out there! I’d love to hear from you, and give you all the things you dream of!


~Nanny Ella~

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