A Decoration It was pink, and the space looked lovely.
Forever a Baby
November 28, 2015
A traditional Drees appears, displays a lovely appearance, and is used in the photo session.
Gobble gobble gobble my little AB/DLs!
November 29, 2015

michelle4The internet has made looking for people to play with so much easier. I could not imagine how difficult it must have been to be an adult baby looking for a Mommy. The idea that someone would have to seek out another person to play with and have to approach someone in such a discreet manner, only to see if the person will reject them . I am often thinking about where people would meet in the past. Were there ads in the paper? Would people have to buy special magazines? They would have to worry about their privacy being violated. Now it is so easy, you can log in literally anywhere in the world, do a basic search and find someone to play with. It leaves someone like me a bit spoiled, that all of you are is literally a click away, but you and I know Mommy is a phone call away.  In the U.S.A and Canada call 888*938*7382 International callers please call 714*442*2402


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