A panty mommy is lying in bed, looking hot and seductive while exposing her lovely boobs.
Crissy Catches A Panty Sissy!
April 4, 2017
A gorgeous and sexy mom is standing there, looking quite attractive.
Punishment Phone Sex Part 2
June 13, 2017

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What is one of your favorite things about your abdl Mommy? Her soft skin that feels so good against you, her warm hands that hold you close? How about her soothing voice that lulls you to sleep at night as she hums sweet lullabies to you? All those are wonderful, but I bet I know what you really love. You really love to cuddle up to Mommy, and rest your little head on her breasts, don’t you? You like to feel that bit of give against your cheek, the way they move against you…you especially love the way her nipples feel in your mouth. The way they are soft and hard at the same time just excites you, and what makes them even better is Mommy’s milk! When you suck on them as hard as you can the warm milk squirts into your mouth, and coats your throat as you swallow it down to fill your tummy! You would love to be the perfect little adult baby for your Mommy, wouldn’t you? Call me for some abdl phone sex, and tell me how badly you want it.



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