Diaper Blow Out!
September 15, 2011
A lesson in Sissy Squealing!
September 18, 2011

I love playing the role of a dirty Nanny that enjoys teasing my DL into doing naughty things so they spoil their diapers! Letting you see my hard, pink nipples as they peek out of my blouse….bending over to give you a clear view of my panties (if I’m wearing panties at all, hehehe), letting my hand linger over the front of that diaper of yours as I “check it”, feeling your peepee grow and swell under my touch. Oh yes, I have many ways to taunt and tease that cock of yours. If you are a good little AB/DL, perhaps I will rub your nappy enough to make you squirt… or maybe I’ll deny you your sweet release and just push on your belly to make you messy!

Nanny Ella

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