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The Young Step Mommy Warning!
January 21, 2019
She is being shown off by a Diaper Man who is sitting in bed while wearing a diaper.
Pathetic Diaper Loser
April 2, 2019
diaper girl getting laid in diaper

I want to watch you while you play with cute diaper Baby Barbie, because I have a voyeuristic kink.  I want both of you on the bed, her thighs spread and your head right in between them. Push her cutesy abdl diaper to the side and press your mouth to her pussy, suck on her clit and finger fuck her until her hips start to move, her diaper crinkling so loud!  Keep eating her out until she cums moaning on your tongue, just do it again to see if you can make her scream this time.  Do that until she is limp and unfocused on anything other than you, then slide up her body to suck her nipples into your mouth and to slide your cock inside her pussy till it’s stretched and red surrounding you. And I’m still going to watch while you pound into her and come inside her, knowing you just creampied her pussy, so much com that it just drips down your thighs! Call me for sexy diaper girl phone sex to talk!



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