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Nurse Janey Will See You Now Part 6
March 23, 2018
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No Limits Mommy!
April 7, 2018


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Mommy’s little baby boy woke up this morning with a funny tickle in his wittle bitty pee pee. Wriggling around his crib on his belly, baby boy starts to rub his crinkly adult baby diaper against the softness of his crib. Ooo, what is this feeling welling up inside your little self? Mommy is watching from the doorway as her little stinker rubs and wriggles all over his crib, his diapered bottom waving in the air. Baby’s pee pee feels good like that, but even better when Mommy comes over to help you. Picking you up from the crib, I cuddle and rub my sweet baby, milking every last drop of baby’s cummies into your cozy diaper. Doesn’t that feel nice? Having your sweet adult baby mommy playing with your little pee pee is just what you need, isn’t it?


Mommy Jackie

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