An infant candy For the picture session, she is posing in the yard while donning the panties.
Blonde MILF Candy
September 26, 2015
There was a yellow design piece in the Mummy Era.
All About Mommies
October 2, 2015


It was Friday night so I knew that tonight Daddy would be coming over! I spent the entire day getting everything just right for when he finally shows up. All of my favorite Disney movies were in a neat pile near the TV, I pulled out all of my blankets and brought them into the living room so Daddy and I could make a fort, and I was about to get his favorite dress on when I heard a knock on the door. I skipped over and happily swung it open, giving Daddy the biggest hug before I realized that I answered the door in just my diaper; and a saggy, wet one at that! He noticed my humiliation quickly, picked me up and took me into my bedroom so he could change me. He set me down on the changing table as he handed me my favorite pink sippy cup full of juice, and I happily sipped away while he began to change me. As he slid a new diaper under me, I noticed it was a lot thicker than the Pampers that he normally puts me in… Daddy was planning something… some kind of diaper bondage, maybe? All I knew for sure is that I was in for a treat…and a very, very messy diaper.

Let’s have some fun, Daddy!




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