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Daddy’s Surprise
September 30, 2015
Baby Diaper, Pink Dildo a pink toy pornographic
Are you ready for your first lesson?
October 2, 2015

If you’re here, you must be looking for a mommy! I love being all different types of mommies, because I know that no adult baby is the same. Some abies want a sweet, caring mommy, one that will coddle them, cuddle them, and change their little diaper when they wet themselves. They want mommies to dress them up like the little sissies they are to make mommy proud. Other abbies want a stricter mommy, one that will punish them when they mess themselves, or even punish them if they talk back. Some abdls want dommy mommies. They want mommies who will force them into their diapers, ignore them, humiliate them, even spank them. Dommy mommies may seem mean, but they’re the best sissy trainers out there. There are just so many mommies to chose from! Make your choice adult babies, give me a call to let me know which kind of mommy is your favorite.imgres-2

— Barbie <3


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