She bares her boobs as part of a fetish
Mommy calls
January 24, 2016
She is a self-masturbation lady and is posing for the photographs while looking quite attractive and seductive.
Cuckold Sissy Phone Sex
January 31, 2016


Its been so cold lately and this weather has been so intense. Come cuddle up next to Mommy. Your ABDL-Mommy loves when you cuddle with her.

We’ll sit under a big fluffy blanket, next to the warm fireplace and mommy will fix some hot cocoa for the both of us with extra marshmallows, just the way you like it. We’ll watch your favorite movies and laugh at all the best parts. You’ll tell me all about you day at daycare and I’ll listen intently with enthusiasm and excitement while you snuggle up under Mommy’s breast. When you get hungry, I’ll breastfeed you and you’ll look up at me with those soft brown eyes and cling closer to me. I’d then burp you and change your diaper right next to the warm fireplace. After that, you start getting sleepy and I’ll hold my little adult baby in my arms and rock you until you fall asleep. Mommy loves to be snowed in with her baby.




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