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Beach Blanket Aby
September 17, 2015
Roleplaying is taboo A fetishist is sitting on the ground while donning a diaper.
Diaper Change
September 20, 2015

diapered man

Some of my adult babies do keep their fetish buried deep in a closet of secrets. I though am often a dommy mommy and keeping that control can be fun work at times. blackmail and humiliation is often a fun way to go about it. I usually schedule  to quietly arrive a bit before our scheduled appointment. I’ll catch the businessman in transition to adult baby. A bonnet is in place, adorably blue and frilled. He has removed his suit and is putting a diaper in place as I snap the first picture. He hears the electronic click my phone makes when I am taking pictures and spins around. His eyes are big with surprised, his face so cute topped with that bonnet. His face swiftly changes as he realizes what is going on. First he begs me to stop taking pictures and then to delete the pictures. I though have a big day planned  and these pictures are part of my control to make sure it goes as I wish. Sorry baby, it’s blackmail day.

Would you like to know what happened that day or what I’d do with you?

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