He is a diaper lover and is wearing a white diaper while he lies on the bed.
Waking Up With MILF Barb
September 13, 2015
Her finger was so beautiful, A Silent Finger.
Blackmail Can be Fun
September 18, 2015

crissy beach

Hello my sweet little ABDL. How are you? Aw did you just wake up? What a sleepy little adult baby you are! Well rise and shine my little one. Mommy has a big day planned for the both of us! We need to get you ready for our day at the beach! Oh yes its going to be so much fun! First we need to make sure we pack your swimming diapers so you aren’t waddling around the beach with a soggy pamper! Then mommy needs to pack some sunscreen so my little aby doesn’t get sunburned! Oh and we certainly can’t forget to bring your shovel and pail so mommy can help you build sand castles! Let’s just hope that no sand gets in that cute little diaper of yours! That would be no good! Now let’s get you up and out of that crib so we can start our adult baby and mommy bonding time!
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