Sissy Panty Wetter, which resembled wit panties, was saved for the photo session.
My Sweet Panty Sissy
September 3, 2016
A seductive woman is self-masturbating while sitting on bed.
Mommy and Son Phone Sex
September 8, 2016

Punishment Phone Sex

Why in heavens name is it so quiet!? You are the nosiest ABDL baby  I know! You must be getting into something and I’m going to find out! The last time you were this quiet, you ruined all of my nail polish and wrecked my brand new hardwood floors. If I so much as catch you making a mess I will… Well Hell, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Just know that it isn’t going to be pleasant. Actually, it will be pleasant for me and a few of your friends. Probably more embarrassing for you honey. ABDL mommy is not playing games today. I will make sure you have such a sore bottom you wont be able to sit right for weeks. You better make sure whatever you are doing is baby appropriate! WHY ARE YOU DRAWING ON MY WALLS!?!?!? That’s it! I’m going to get you so good! Call me now for your punishment!



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