ABDL Public Humiliation
August 21, 2016
Sissy Panty Wetter, which resembled wit panties, was saved for the photo session.
My Sweet Panty Sissy
September 3, 2016


Last weekend, one of my ABDL Mommy friends left town for a work conference and asked me to take care of her diaper boy. I went over Friday after work, he had already gone to bed, he looked like such an angel in his cute Pokemon onesie. The next day he slept in only a little bit, and we had cereal for breakfast, even though he wanted candy. We then cuddled on the couch, while watching an episode of Pokemon Indigo League. He was so cute, eyes staring wide at the screen, tearing up as Charmander’s flame almost went out. I only allowed him to watch one episode even though the cutie begged for more. After that he colored his superhero book and then we played with some LEGOs for a little bit. He did make quite a mess in his diaper that I had to clean up, but I didn’t mind. After a fun day, his Mommy came back from her trip, and he ran up to her hugging her, not letting go. Being an ABDL babysitter is so much fun.




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