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Adult Baby Phone Sex Mommy Crissy
July 24, 2016
Babysitting with Mommy Candy
August 28, 2016

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Today, me and my boyfriend went out for a nice walk in the park. He was, of course, wearing his ABDL diaper under his loose fitting shorts, so nobody could see, as he was still getting used to being diapered. While walking through the forest, I started to smell something, and checked his diaper. He had made a big poopy mess. We walked back home and I lay him down on the changing table, and took off the stinky diaper. I was so proud of him for wearing a diaper and using it in public for me! I changed him into a fresh clean diaper, and we sat down on the couch to cuddle and watch some cartoons. I’m so proud of my boyfriend for letting me transform into my own personal little ABDL. We have to take it slowly because he’s so nervous. but he’s the perfect ABDL boy for me.




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