She engages in deep sex with him in a fetishistic act.
Pegging Phone Sex Training With Crissy
April 12, 2016
He is a baby man and is laying in the cot.
Wanna Meet My Mommy?
April 12, 2016
Do you have a thing for adult diapers? Does your cock get nice and hard just at the word “pamper?” If you said yes then I think it’s safe to say you’re a fan of diaper phone sex. If you said no then please read no further, this is a warning! So you like playing with your cock inside your diapers do you now? Maybe you enjpy the way it feels against your cock when it’s still crisp and brand new, crinkling every time you move around. Do you like to play inside your diaper or do you prefer stroking your cock with the diaper? I know there are many different ways men have pleasured themselves in diapers but I want to hear exactly how you do it! So I hope you got a fresh one on because we’re about to dirty it up with some diaper lover phone sex!
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