On the bed, a cheerleader exposes her diaper butt.
The Cheerleaders Revenge – Part 3
February 21, 2016
She is wearing a white diaper and a fetish diaper man is seated on the bed.
Diaper Lover Phone Sex With Ava
April 12, 2016
Well it looks like we’re finally done with your pegging phone sex training! Looks like you’re finally ready to try your first real cock. Are you excited? I know you’ve been waiting for this for a very long time. Normal people have dreams of becoming famous or becoming rich but all you wanted to do growing up was to be able to suck as much cock as you can. But you always pussed out in the end. That’s why you’re calling me now! I’m not going to let you back out of it this time because I want to know every smidgen of detail on how you sucked a cock and got fucked by one. I need to make sure your training has been effective so what better way to test it out then on a stranger? I found him off Craigslist and he’s eager to stick his dick in your Sissy fag ass.
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