A gorgeous female is sitting there, looking hot and seductive. The black stocking is on her.
Daddy Dom Pt3
February 8, 2016
Standing there is a lovely girl who appears hot and seductive. She has large, beautiful boobs that resemble sharpes.
Food Is Sexy & Sex is Food
February 8, 2016

ABB_01My bABies have not been very good this week. There is Cammie he is 6 and Alyssa she is 18 months, every day I left them with the sitter in the nursery they have gotten into some kind of trouble.  I think that it’s my fault though; I think I have been working too much and they haven’t gotten much of my attention. They have colored all over the walls, which actually looks pretty, but not tolerated.  They have hidden stuff all over the place to keep from getting spankings and trying to stay out of trouble, and someone keeps bringing them nuggets and fries? Mommy does not like for them to be eating nuggets and fries every day. To top it all off I think they have been left alone at the nursery as well? Both of my bABies are due to get some bare bottom spankings and mommy Tawny is going to deliver.

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