Standing for the photo session, she is an adult who loves baby diapers.
Mommy Phone Sex
February 7, 2016
A fetish girl is standing on the ground and she has a seductive appearance.
Bad bad bABies
February 8, 2016


Just a little daddy dom story I came up with in my creative writings class! Here’s part three. You can find the rest of the remaining chapters on my other blogs. Enjoy! When she opened her eyes, she was disgusted to see she had already begun rubbing her clit feverishly, like an annoying itch that refused to go away. Realizing that her hand alone would not tame the sensual emotional roller coaster that flowed from her pussy, she quickly got out of the tub, and ran to her bed, snatching the vibrator she used in moments like this. She slowly began to rock back and forth, and when her lungs were filled with air, she closed her eyes to picture the taboo thoughts that still invaded her mind body and soul.. She knew she had Daddy issues as a child but never really thought much about it. Now it completely consumed her…








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