It looks good when gorgeous adult toys are on display.
You Must Always Behave
November 8, 2015
Standing in the image is a lovely girl who appears hot and seductive.
Helping A Friend
November 11, 2015

Why do you keep running to your bedroom whenever I come to babysit you?

One day I get curious and decide to find out. I open your door slowly and see you laying on your bed tugging at your tiny cock. I burst into your room. You’re being a very naughty boy! You know you’re not allowed to do that.

You stand up and tell me that you’re not a baby and that you can do what you want. You think you’re not a baby huh? I guess I’m going to have to teach you a lesson.

I grab you by your ear and drag you to your mom’s bed. I throw you down on the bed and take off your pants. You start to squirm but I hold you down. I grab four pairs of your mom’s panties and tie you to the bed with them. I pull a thick white diaper from my bag and open it up. Oh what? You thought I was going to diaper you with this?

I take the diaper and shove it in your mouth. Now you can’t talk back to me, you can only coo and moan like the baby that you are. I pull out another one and diaper you. Then I take your mom’s red lipstick and write “baby” all over your body.

Maybe next time you’ll think twice about talking back to your babysitter.



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