She is posing as a fetish Sexy Boobs and donning a white costume for the picture shoot.
Pegging With Mommy Ava
December 26, 2015
A Chic and Sexy Lady She is wearing a pair of jeans and is seated in a wooden chair.
Cloth or Disposable?
December 29, 2015

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Hello there, babies! Although mommy got you so many new toys and things for the nursery this Christmas, I was thinking about some toys of a different sort! My adult babies can be so sweet and innocent sometimes, that I am not sure that all of them would know what I was talking about. My diaper sissies will surely know right off the bat! From cock rings to anal beads, there are all sorts of ways that mommy can play with you using the fun and wonderful feeling toys out there these days! I have a drawer in my own room full of all sorts of vibrators and strap-ons, candy panties, and flavored body syrup. If you are good for mommy, she will keep getting you your own special toys and teaching you about playing with them. Those extra well behaved little ones might get to have mommy share her toys with them!




abdl mommy milf adult baby diaper lover fetish phone sex taboo

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