Happy Mother’s Day
May 8, 2012
Come Play With Fetish Mommy Lauren
May 9, 2012

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With Sunday being Mother’s Day, I was thinking a special outing would be lovely.  There’s nothing like spending time with my little one out in the fresh air and sunshine.  A picnic basket packed with all sorts of goodies, a checkered blanket to spread over the cool green grass, and a diaper bag packed with all the essentials  – adult diapers, powder, wipes, lotion, a spare onsie, along with various binkies and plushies and outdoor toys.

Oh, and did I mention bubbles?  No picnic is complete without a big bottle of bubbles with several bubble blowing wands. I have so much fun blowing bubbles with my Adult ABie or sissy.  To see them chase after those little soapy spheres of fun, their diapered bottoms waddling to and fro – so precious!  And there is nothing better for Abies delicate skin then a diaper change al fresco, the clean crisp air blowing gently over their little weewee.  Then after a slow diaper change, I will rest your head in my arms while I breastfeed my sweet Abie.

Now doesn’t’ that sound like the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day with your ABDL Mommy?



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