She is being shown her sexy diaper by a hot man who is sitting in bed.
A Messy Diaper
September 3, 2015
A beautiful woman wearing a diaper and looking hot and seductive is laying in bed.
Changing Stinky Diapers
September 6, 2015


Mommy is ready to spoil all of her little ADBL’s.  I need to feel their warm little mouths on my nipples as I feed them. Tickling their face and  chin as they suckle from my ample bosom.  Mommy Susan loves to rock her sweet little babies.  If they are really good and suckle hard enough Mommy may even rub their sweet little cocks.  The faster they suck, the faster Mommy strokes.  Mommy loves to hear the little moans and whimpers as Baby gets closer to cumming.  
Mommy is going to let you fill your Diaper with sweet warm cum, and when you are done Mommy will put her sweet ABDL in a fresh new Diaper and onesie and put you straight to bed, where you can dream of the exciting things Mommy will do to you when you wake up.

Call Mommy Susan when you wake up to see all the wonderful things I can do for you.



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