A hot girl is standing on the ground, facing punishment, and she appears to be in great distress.
Daddy’s Surprise Part Two
October 11, 2015
Standing in front of the photo shoot is a Wit Diaper man.
Naughty Baby Gets Caught
October 17, 2015

bondage table

Mommy’s little Sissy is in so much trouble! Mommy woke up only to realize her naughty sissy had moved her to her special torture table and had tied her up with her legs spread wide.”What are you doing my little ABDL?” Mommy spoke calmly hoping to reason with her little baby. “I am the master today mommy, and you will call me daddy.” This had never happened before Dom had always been such a good sissy. Mommy knew she was in for hours of torture, he had brought out all the toys and spanking devices. “Dom you be a good little Sissy and let mommy Susan go, if you do I won’t punish you.” There was no response. Mommy’s legs were spread so wide as Dom walked over with a bottle of lube. “Mommy is going to get some anal training today.” Mommy Susan was worried now, her little sissy was going to take her anal virginity.



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