She is standing for the photo shoot and looks really stunning and sexy.
Mommy Loves Incest
November 24, 2015
A Decoration It was pink, and the space looked lovely.
Forever a Baby
November 28, 2015


I think it’s about time we have another little discussion about giantess phone sex. Well what exactly is a giantess? Well I’ll give you a little schooling right now before we dabble too far into the subject. A giantess is a woman who dominates a very tiny man whether this woman is grown into a giant or the man is shrunk into a very small size. Usually the man likes to be treated as a toy, being passed around by the woman and can sometimes even lead to a more sexual form of playing. If this puny man is lucky enough, the giantess might be feeling stressed and needs a good form of release. Well with no other toys around that only leaves you! You might find yourself being inserted in the giantess’s vagina, being coated with her juices and discharge as she uses your body to get herself off. That’s usually the main fantasy for a puny man such as yourself. But if you find yourself up against a little more of a sadistic giantess, you might want to stay as far on her good side as you can or it’ll be your funeral. She might toss you around or even put you on the ground and step on you like a bug, whatever she feels like doing to you at the time. Now here’s the real question, are you really ready for some shrinking phone sex?


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