Mommy crissy’s ab nursery
June 6, 2012
New Panties
June 7, 2012

13390960241181259985 ABDL BlogYou wanted to be my little sissy did you not well as you know belonging to me comes with a high price as you soon found out.Just didn’t realize what you were in for did you but it was so much fun for me.To you get into the outfit i had bought and then to have you try it on to make sure it fit well.

Oh but the fun was to just the beginning the surprise came when we went into the garage and i turned on the lights and there it stood all in its own glory the stroller that you would be riding in.You just thought you would be a closet sissy did you not and as you found out that is not happening.Didn’t take much prodding to get you in the stroller all i had to do was show you the pic i had taken earlier of you and just remind you that i would show it and post it at the office come Monday,I did tell you at the beginning you would be a public sissy that there was no hiding in the closet ever again



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