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April 15, 2012
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Playing Dress Up with Mommy

josie12 ABDL Blog
Remember when you were a little boi and you watched lil sister trying on all mommys clothes and you wanted to be the one playing dress up with Mommy? Well don’t worry, Mommy Josie will let you try on all her cute little frilly dresses and walk around in her high heels.  We can pick out dresses together and do each others hair.  You really want to walk around in my pretty high heel shoes too don’t you?  Well you can wear any of them except the red ones.  Those are for Mommy Josie only.
I will undress you and you can undress me.  Once you put on one of my dresses though you are my very own little sissy and you have to do what I say.  If you don’t I will grab your hand and walk you all the way around the block in front of everyone.  I know you will be a good little sissy and do what your told and  When your little penis gets real hard you will cry out to mommy to make it all better.   You lift up your dress and show me yours and so I lift up my dress and show you mine.  I will make you do real naughty things that will make you blush but deep down inside I will know you are really enjoying it.  Oh, you never knew it could be so fun playing dress up with Mommy Josie.
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