Toilet Play Phone Sex With Jenna
July 20, 2012
Silly Sissy ABies
July 24, 2012

sissypanties10 ABDL BlogBaby girl loves her Pink panties don’t you sweetie Granny Minnie just has to see you prance and dance around the room in those cute pink panties.You didn’t think so at first but now just look at you all smiles on that sweet face of yours,wearing those panties and a pink tee and ballerina slippers,just becareful and don’t fall i know how excited you get when you get to dance for me.I think that it might be time to enroll you in some dance classes how about that we can go shopping and buy a pink tutu or pink ballerina dress for you to go to dance classes in
You know what sweetie the more i think about that the more i like it yep that”s just what we will do enroll you in a ballerina dance class and take some pics of you working out and dancing for everyone then i can frame them for my mantel.Then you can really show off how cute and adorable you look in those pink panties.



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