Busy Busy Busy with ABies!
August 20, 2012
Sexy Mistress Diapersissy mom
August 22, 2012

naturmort frame 1dzknokjd ABDL BlogI look outside my front window watching the neighbors drive by raining falling gently down.The weather has been extremely hot these last few days.The house seems to soak the heat up and not letting the air do its job.So wear the least clothing possible.I know i am a hot and sexy woman but at this moment the water is pouring off of me.Think i will go and take a nice cold shower and see if that helps.I start back into the bathroom and what do i see you my little one putting on my panties and bra.Now tell me when did you decide to wear these huh are yours not good enough anymore or do you like granny’s better they are pretty are they not and so soft and silky.But dang did you have to drag and dump my whole drawer out.You i might let wear them but you will and i mean will put the rest of my panties and bra’s back where you got them.



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