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November 7, 2015
It looks good when gorgeous adult toys are on display.
You Must Always Behave
November 8, 2015
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Pamper Fag Goes To Walmart



I had my little pamper fag call me again for some public humiliation phone sex. This time he called me inside walmart and I got to tell him what I wanted him to do to make a complete fool out of himself. First I had him walk down to the pharmacy and ask one of the employees where the adult diapers were because he’s a big stinky boy and needs them before he poops his pants. You should of heard the embarassment in his voice as i made him repeat to her every peverted humiliating reply I was telling him in his ear.Once he got his diapers I made him pick up some ky jelly, some condoms and the biggest cucumber he could find and made him go to the checkout stand that has the sweet old lady working there. And as if buying those weren’t humiliating enough for him I made explain to her that the cucumbers lube and condoms were for him because his mistress doesnt think he’s ready to take a real cock yet. He sounded so mortified but once he got home he blew the biggest load i’ve ever seen.I guess sissy fag phone sex really gets him going!



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